Fun Facts To Know About Electricity Before Working In Electrical Engineering in Dalton GA

One of the fastest-expanding job markets in the United States is Electrical Engineering in Dalton GA. While engineering jobs are often viewed as a more “serious” profession to engage in, there is still no shortage of fun facts to know about electricity. Here are just a few of them.

  • Since entering the mainstream, the wind has become the number one source for generation of new energy. The energy generated amounted to 42% of new electricity created in North America.
  • The energy that is needed to perform 100 searches on internet search engines is enough to power a standard light bulb for approximately 28 minutes.
  • Nearly three-quarters of the electricity that household electronics consume is used while the gadgets are turned off. For instance, the leading video game console uses just as much electricity when sitting idle as it does when fully powered on. This is why experts in Electrical Engineering in Dalton GA recommend that all devices be turned off to cut down on that dreaded electric bill.
  • Speaking of video game consoles, the newest models that are available on the market actually use more electricity than the average refrigerator.
  • The State of California uses the same amount of energy that two large nuclear reactors are capable of producing just to pump enough water for one afternoon.
  • Every minute of sunlight that the surface of the earth receives contains enough energy to satisfy the demands of the entire world for one full year.
  • The average household ceiling fixture can use anywhere between $2000 to $5000 worth of electricity in its lifetime.
  • Only a small fraction of the energy that is generated by a standard light bulb is actually used to create light. A mere ten percent is used for light while the other ninety percent generates heat.
  • The amount of hydropower generated by the United States is capable of powering just over 28 million households.

For further questions about electricity or the profession of electrical engineering, contact the fine staff They can answer any inquiry that may be posed and have the necessary experience and love of the industry to provide the best service possible. They can design electrical engineering plans from the ground up.


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