An Eye Exam In Loveland, CO Can Prevent Many Problems In The Future

Vision can change very gradually and those changes may not be noticed by an individual. A regular Eye Exam in Loveland CO should be performed even if an individual doesn’t have any obvious signs or symptoms. Eye exams are the best way to maintain great vision and prevent its loss in the future. Eye exams are not painful. The doctor will perform a variety of tests and discuss the patient’s history to determine if there are any symptoms they’re experiencing with their vision. Medication, occupations, and environmental conditions can also affect an individual’s vision. The doctor will easily detect any changes in vision with regular examinations.

Some of the tests performed during an Eye Exam in Loveland CO are:

* Visual Acuity. This type of testing involves reading letters on charts at a distance and closer. This test can determine how well each eye is capable of seeing.

* Preliminary Tests. This evaluation is about specific eye health such as muscle movements, light response, depth perception, and color vision.

* Auto Keratometry and Topography. The cornea of the eye is curved, and these instruments measure the reflection on the cornea. This determination is very important for individuals who are interested in wearing contact lenses.

* Refraction. This testing is used to determine any refractive error for nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. The doctor will use a series of lenses to determine which ones will give a patient the clearest vision possible.

* Eye Health Evaluation. The cornea, eyelids, and conjunction should be thoroughly examined. The doctor will use a biomicroscope that has a high magnification to look at the eye tissue. Tonometry can determine the pressure in the eye and let a doctor know if a patient is at risk for developing glaucoma.

Vision Eyeland Super Optical, LLC offers a thorough eye examination. They will discuss all findings with you and develop a plan of treatment if further evaluation is necessary. They will discuss any possibility of further testing needed to rule out possible problems or to clarify the findings. They can help patients who have glaucoma or cataracts. Don’t risk losing your vision by avoiding a simple eye exam by a trained physician.

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