Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Vaccinations For Cats And Dogs

One of the best things that pet owners can do for the health of their pets is to make sure that the animals are current on their vaccinations. When animals get their required vaccinations, they’re less likely to get sick, which can lead to serious health issues. To learn more information about taking your cat or dog to a veterinarian who specializes in Pet Vaccinations, read the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) What is the best age to take a young dog or cat to a vet for vaccinations?

A.) The recommended age that puppies and kittens should get their first vaccinations is when they’re 6 weeks old. At this age, young animals should also have their first wellness check to make sure they’re healthy. Many veterinarians take this opportunity to administer the vaccinations during this visit. After the animals have their first shots, the veterinarian will want to see the animals again in approximately one month so they can administer their booster shots.

Q.) What are some of the most common types of vaccinations that veterinarians give to cats and dogs?

A.) Most veterinarians will vaccinate puppies and dogs against parvovirus, distemper, rabies and canine hepatitis. Other shots that may be recommended by a veterinarian include bordetella and leptospira. Kittens and cats are commonly vaccinated against feline distemper, leukemia virus, calicivirus, and rabies.

Q.) Can pets have serious side effects from getting their vaccinations?

A.) Some animals will have mild side effects after they get their vaccinations and these may include a low fever and an allergic reaction. Most animals do not have any serious side effects but pet owners should discuss their concerns with a veterinarian who specializes in Pet Vaccinations. Pets who don’t receive their annual vaccinations run a greater risk of becoming ill from the disease than from side effects caused by the vaccination.

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