Foundation Repair In Rockville Can Secure A Home

The foundation of a structure is one of the most important components of a building. It holds the foundation in the correct position and makes it sturdy. When a foundation suffers water problems, it can jeopardize the entire structure. Shifting can take place causing cracks in the foundation and walls. When this happens, the owner needs to contact a company that has experience with Foundation Repair in Rockville.

High humidity and a musty smell in a basement or structure are not normal. Excessive moisture causes items to rust unnecessarily and creates a foul smell within the structure. Doors and windows won’t close or open properly and shifting of the walls and floor creates additional problems. Eliminating this type of problem within a home can make a structure safe and sound.

What Type Of Damage Can Be Repaired?

Early intervention with foundation problems is the key to a successful outcome. A trained technician using hydraulic cement and vinyl can fix cracks in the walls and floors. A V-groove can be put in the crack for the best adhesive method. Bowing of the walls and water leaks can be fixed with the proper plan of treatment. Bowed walls usually occur when a homeowner didn’t take quick action at the first signs of water problems in their basement.

The First Signs

A homeowner can limit the cost of repairing a faulty foundation by contacting a company that performs Foundation Repair in Rockville at the first sign of a problem. Excessive moisture, sweating walls, rusting metal, dampness, and a musty smell in the basement area of a structure is a sure sign there’s a water problem that needs to be repaired. If a crack develops, this is the next phase of a faulty foundation.

Repairs to a basement can include new French drains, repair of the cracks, and a wall liner installation to stop the water problem. A homeowner should never attempt to put caulk or epoxy in the crack of a foundation. These things will not stop a water problem and can create additional problems. A call to Armored Basement Waterproofing is the first and only step an owner should take to correct a basement suffering from water problems and foundation damage.


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