Finding Cheap Car Parts

If you are looking for cheap car parts in Chicago there is no better place than an auto junk yard. Many people shy away from the junkyard and instead end up installing new or aftermarket parts that cost a fortune compared to what they would have spent if they bought a used part. A junk yard may look confusing but it does not have to be intimidating, these places are great when the objective is finding cheap car parts.

* Two types of junk yards:

There are two different types of junkyards, those that allow you to go into the yard and pick your own parts and those that offer full service. When you deal with the first type you are expected to bring your tools and remove the part yourself. A full service yard on the other hand will get what you want and bring it to the order desk; although there is a slight increase in the cost of an identical part for most people the added service is well worth the little extra price.

* It is a good idea to call ahead:

Once you have identified a yard, always give them a call to see what, if anything, they specialize in. Some yards stick with domestic vehicles while others deal with Japanese imports while still others deal with European imports. Most junk yards stock what is available and what is wanted. You may find it difficult to find a rarely used part from an older vehicle but if you are looking for cheap car parts in Chicago for basic sedans, pickups, vans, etc., they are hard to beat.

What’s great about auto junk yards is the fact that they really don’t care what vehicle a part came from. The savings can be staggering when you understand that the yard really doesn’t care if a replacement headlight assembly for example comes from an entry level Ford or a high end BMW. Visit our website Aero Auto Parts at We are also on


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