Determining Balance Issues Using VNG in Orlando

Dizziness is one of the most common complaints neurologists encounter. Dizziness is often hard to describe, is different for every patient, and very difficult to diagnose. There are physical and psychological reasons that might make someone dizzy. For example, an inner ear infection could cause dizziness just as easily as anxiety or low blood pressure could cause these problems. There are so many different causes that it sometimes requires a specialist to deal with it. If you are feeling dizzy, you should seek medical help. The process of diagnosing the issue could be a long one. At some point, you’ll probably be given a VNG to help determine the problem.


Videonystagmography, also called VNG, is a test that helps doctors determine the cause of your dizziness. The test consists of looking into an apparatus while images are displayed. The machine tracks your eye movement to determine if your lack of balance is being caused by a disease such as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). If the test comes back negative, then the doctors at least know something else is the cause. That’s the way it goes with diagnosing balance and vertigo issues. You simply have to rule out several different things until experts can narrow down possible explanations. If you’re having issues, you should seek out a VNG in Orlando.

Other Sources

You want to go to an expert who specializes in treating dizziness. As discussed, it is notoriously difficult to diagnose and treat. Dizziness has so many different potential causes that you won’t be able to determine the root without some serious professional help. Oftentimes, the tests won’t come up with anything, but a talented neurologist will be able to diagnose you.

When you’re in the care of a gifted specialist, you’ll be able to rest easy. Your dizziness will be addressed and remedied with the help of expertise and modern testing methods.


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