Facts You Should Know About Log Cabins

Log cabins are homes specifically made up of logs or timber. Log cabins are simple houses mostly built in areas rich in natural resources such as timber. During the early centuries, log cabins were usually used as homes, barns, and for storage purposes. At present however, when you view websites on the Internet to get details about log homes or cabins, the two terms are used interchangeably.

The United States is known to have big forests and woods, which house these numerous sources of timber for log cabins. One of the enduring symbols of American history is the log cabin. Who would forget that Abraham Lincoln, even Andrew Jackson, was born in a log cabin? Unknown to many however, the log cabin beloved by Americans, is not their own invention but that of the Swedish settlers who took up camp in 1683 in Delaware. When they came to the U.S., they decided to build houses made of logs. The were used to it since Sweden was known to have plenty of trees, something the United States also has, which is just perfect for their log home building plans.

Other interesting and noteworthy facts pertaining to log cabins and its construction are also discussed here. Currently, there are already more that 600 producers of log cabins and log houses in the whole industry. This makes it easier for those who want a log house constructed to hire the services of a builder. It also gives them a wider array of choices, on which builder is the better one to provide their home requirements. These log house/cabin producers, particularly those that belong in the Log Homes Council, have agreed to produce a manual for construction, to follow a strict and uniform code of ethics and a unified and certified program for log grading.

At present, there are already over 26,000 log houses that are sold yearly. That is almost double the original figures. This increase is attributed by experts to the choice of homeowners to have these log houses built as their primary residence.

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