Factors to consider when choosing holiday accommodation

Before you settle for just any holiday rental option, think about the following;


Every holiday decision should ideally begin with this. Luckily, Broken Bow Cabin Lodging offers a variety of options, whether you want simple or are willing to go luxury, you will find your equivalent of five start hotels in the bush here. A related question is how long you are willing to stay. This is somewhat related to the budget question but has its own implications. Will the vacationers be staying overnight in a quick stop over to another destination or will they be staying around for some days.

Type of holiday

The type of holiday also matters a lot. Will it be a passive or active holiday? Passive holidays are the kind where the vacationer relaxes in their room all day unwinding. Most such people will prefer a location with a lake or a beachfront where they can enjoy the water and the breeze. For the active holidaymakers, the biggest concern is comfort when they come back from their trips. They might also want a location that is conveniently close to a landmark they would like to visit or one that is famous for an activity they want to try out. Think about all this when choosing a location.

The people

This is often taken for granted, but the people visiting will determine the kind of accommodation arrangements one makes. For instance, a young couple might prefer a house with big, spacious rooms while an individual will be content with a small cabin. The young parents will want a house that will be friendly to their kids, while the older parents simply want a house large enough for the whole family. Whatever the case, it pays to think about the people that are going for the holiday and what their needs might be.


Do not take for granted the issue of transport. Think about whether there will be access to and from the location to the nearest main road, bus or train station. Do not wait for the last day to arrange for transport, especially when there is a family involved.


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