Enjoy Quality Cooling With Excellent Air Conditioning Repair in Jacksonville Fl

Most people in Jacksonville Fl will agree that the heat in this southern city can be quite intolerable, especially when the air conditioning breaks down. The solution to this problem is Air Conditioning Repair in Jacksonville Fl, but the type of repair will depend on the actual problem. Consider the case of a damaged coil. Coils in an AC are used to either collect heat or remove it from the indoors. If the coil is pierced or ruptured, then it may require replacement. Attempting repairs may be difficult because the coil can be under a lot of pressure and welds or solder may not be strong enough to hold it.

Another area where an appliance may need help is the condenser system. This critical device is used to compress a refrigerant and force it into a state change. That is, the compressor condenses the gas, so it turns into a liquid. The liquid is cycled through the evaporator coil where it picks up any heat. Note that the heat collected may be lower than the temperature of the room, but it is always warmer than the temperature of the condensed refrigerant in the AC. After the evaporator coil, the refrigerant begins to change state again. This time, it returns to a gaseous state after releasing the extra heat to the great outdoors. Air Conditioning Repair in Jacksonville Fl helps this process by keeping the condenser and coils in top shape.

Perhaps the best way to avoid AC issues is to have an experienced contractor come out and service the appliances on a regular basis. Maintenance is fairly easy and should be performed at least once each year. If the system is used heavily, then the service may need to be done twice each year or more. The first step is to check the refrigerant level. This serves multiple purposes since the refrigerant affects the efficiency of the device and carries the lubricant required to reduce friction inside the compressor. Maintenance can also include checking the electronics, verifying switches and testing the thermostat. The latter is a crucial task since the thermostat is the brains of the system. Please click here at http://jenkinsheatingandair.com/ to get more info on air conditioning repairs and service.


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