10 items thieves target at properties and businesses

There are some specific items that thieves tend to target the most.

The number one item that thieves look for is physical cash. Physical cash is not only easy to steal but it is also normally completely untraceable, making the crime almost risk-free once committed.

Jewelry is the next best thing. Precious metal, be it diamonds, gold or pearls, is easy to sell to pawn or jewelry shops.

Tablet and laptop PC theft is very significant today due to their popularity, portability and the ease of reselling for high profits.

Thieves love stealing expensive name-brand clothing, with sneakers, fur coats, handbags, baby clothes and designer dresses being particular favorites due to how difficult they are to trace and the simplicity of selling them to resale outlets or online.

Many people take smartphones out with them, either to work or on social outings, and it can take just one moment’s distraction for them to be purloined by an opportunistic thief.

Although most thieves do not break into homes or businesses to look for liquor specifically if a valuable bottle is easy to take, they will do so.
Whether a car is parked outside a home or a business, a thief may target it.

Keys are a tempting target for burglars in properties and businesses, allowing them access to both at different times.

Bikes are a tempting target for thieves, particularly more expensive models that are very easy to sell on via online auctions.

Art and collectibles such as small antiques, sculptures and vases are common in homes and can even be found in some businesses and make a tempting target for thieves. Visit https://www.dinastysecurity.com/ for more information!


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