Effective Time-Savers for Restaurant Owners

Starting up or buying a bar and restaurant is a dream of many food and beverage sector people. From a humble food truck to a food court stalwart, to a catering business, to a full-service restaurant or bar and grill, running a restaurant can be a nightmare when it comes to time management. One of the time-eaters in restaurant functions is the table service and the POS, the back and forth and overlapping steps take precious minutes when you could be clearing that 8-top for another party.

What’s On the Menu?

Three of the most popular restaurant point-of-sale systems are Clover, TouchBistro, and Revel. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

1. Clover: Versatile payment solution with four formats. Robust analytics and intuitive software interfaces – usable for small and mid-sized businesses from e-commerce to retail and restaurant.

2. TouchBistro: Specifically created with the restaurant business in mind. This iPad based app features like check splitting, unlimited users, and a host of tableside features, TouchBistro pulls high ratings from GetApp and has been Capterra’s #1 Restaurant POS for two years in a row.

3. Revel: iOS interface and top-notch security protect customers’ information like Fort Knox. Flexible between retail and restaurant, this system has big-name users like Cinnabon, Chobani, and Goodwill – just to drop a few names.

Get Full Service

Look for a partner who has a roster of in-demand functions so that you don’t have to do the runaround to get the service that you need. Working with someone who offers only credit card processing, only restaurant point of sale systems or only ATM services means that you will just have that many more fees to pay and that many more contacts to make. Look for someone with the full package of services to help make your restaurant a success


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