Dutch Masters Cigars Are American Favorites

Ask any cigar aficionado what a popular and favorite brand of cigar is and they will likely come back with Dutch Masters. These cigars are naturally wrapped and have been manufactured and sold in the United States since 1911. Most people come to know the brand by the packaging, which features a Rembrandt painting called “The Syndics of the Drapers Guild.” Many believe that Dutch Masters cigars became an American favorite mainly due to the packaging, though others would say the aroma, flavor and draw of the cigar makes it an all-time favorite of true cigar smokers.

American Made

While made by machine, most people still prefer the American-made brand because they offer many great flavors and are made in the US. Most Americans prefer to smoke cigars made in their own country, whether or not the tobacco used was grown in their country. Dutch Masters was originally created through G.J. Johnson Cigar Co., but they are now manufactured through Altadis U.S.A. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

While most people associate Dutch Masters with cigars, the brand also produces Coronas, Palmas and cigarillos, along with various flavoring. However, two of the non-flavored cigars, the Panatela and the President, are still the two most popular options available for purchase.


The Dutch Masters brand offers a very mild, but very smooth taste and has one of the most effortless draws imaginable. For those new to the cigar lifestyle, the draw is when you puff on a cigar and you definitely want to have a cigar that requires little effort to puff and draw. Though not as expensive as some brands, these cigars are a quality smoke that does offer a great value. One of the reasons they are slightly more expensive than others is because their wrappers are one of the most expensive and genuine options around from African Cameron.

Flavors can include regular, chocolate, white grape, grape, honey, vanilla, wine and strawberry though each size offers its own flavor options.

Varieties and sizes can include Belvedere, Corona Deluxe, Cameroon Elite, Corona Maduro, Corona Sports, 227 Benedict, Panetela, Perfecto, Cigarillos, President, Palma and tube cigarillos.

Depending on the type and amount, these cigars can be quite affordable and will taste great. If you purchase them online, they will arrive fresh and ready to smoke, though you can also find them in most local stores, as well.



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