Ductile Iron Vs Carbon Steel Pipe

by | Jan 9, 2017 | Industrial Goods and Services


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Many industries today from Florida to Texas rely on piping systems to operate. Large pipes help to deliver water, steam, oil and many other liquids and gases. However, it’s important to choose the right materials for piping when you order from your pipe valves and fittings supplier. For example, do you choose ductile iron or carbon steel? Here is information to help your decision.

What is Ductile Iron and Carbon Steel?

Iron is a natural element which is metallic and magnetic in nature. When you add magnesium and other alloys you create an iron which is ductile or easy to work with.

Carbon steel is iron with carbon as an alloy. There are several types of carbon steel available and most types are graded by carbon content.

Benefits of Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is a good choice in Florida and warm climates. For example, there is no need for special coatings or pesticides to protect it. Most underground pests cannot penetrate it and insects will not attack it. Plus, it is impervious to fire hazards. When you buy carbon steel from your pipe valves and fittings supplier you will enjoy these benefits:

* Shock resistant

* Some corrosion resistance

* Good tensile strength

* Good for the environment and can easily be recycled

* Low cost compared to many options

Ductile Iron Advantages

All the benefits listed for carbon steel are also found with ductile iron. However, there is no need to apply bond coatings with iron, as is common with steel.

Comparing the Two

Iron is stronger and cheaper and may not require bracing. Push-on connections make ductile iron pipe easy to install. However, steel piping can be thinner for similar applications and this can save space. Both selections offer many advantages and your pipe valves and fittings supplier in Florida can help you make the best decision.

When you need carbon steel or ductile iron piping materials, you can count on your pipe valves and fittings supplier in Florida to have what you need.

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