Drop Your Energy Bill Immediately With A Tankless Water Heater

Virtually all homes feature a water heater, whether it’s powered by gas or electricity. These machines work by storing large amounts of water that is constantly heated by an energy source. Unfortunately, keeping 50 to 75 gallons of water heated at all times requires a lot of energy. Many homeowners would prefer to lower their heating bill wherever possible, and a tankless water heater can help achieve that goal today.

How Do These Water Heaters Work?

A tankless water heater works by heating water on demand, as needed, rather than in advance and storing. When the hot water is turned on, these systems heat the water as it passes through a special pipe. Either gas or electricity can be utilized to heat the water in this type of system. Gas is used to fuel a pilot light, or electricity is used to heat an element, similar to how an electric stove works. The heating process only occurs when the faucet for hot water is activated, so energy isn’t used to keep water heated all day.

Who Can Benefit from This Type of Water Heater?

Most households can take advantage of energy savings by installing a tankless water heater. For households with minimal water usage, such systems make the most sense. They’re limited in how much water can be heated at once, though. Households with many residents using water from multiple sources may run into trouble for this reason. Then again, multiple tankless heaters can be installed in a home to offset this problem.

Tankless Makes Sense for Most Properties!

In the end, the average household will see savings from 15% – 35%, on average, after installing a tankless water heater. Water heaters without a tank cost more upfront than traditional water heaters, but they can more than make up for the cost after installation. Tankless systems last longer than their counterparts, and they save a lot of energy overall. For the best results, homeowners should contact a professional service to handle the installation process.

Apex Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. opened its doors in 1983, providing both plumbing and sewer-related services to most suburbs of Chicago. The company specializes in water heater installations and maintenance while prioritizing customer service and fair rates. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.


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