Before You Call Septic Pumping Services in Matagorda

Many homes and businesses in Matagorda are not on public sewer systems. Instead, they must rely on their own waste treatment systems like septic tanks. If you want your system to work properly and give you few problems over the years, you’ll need to contact septic pumping services to pump out all the sludge and solids from the tank. But why is this necessary, and what thing should you know before you call for pumping? Let’s explore some of the most common issues.

How Your Waste Removal System Works

To better understand why you need septic pumping services in Matagorda, it’s important to know how a septic tank system works. Solid waste leaves the home or business drains and empties directly into a concrete tank. Some tanks may have two sections, and others are one-piece construction. The tank keeps the solids separate from the liquids and allows the solids to break down with the help of bacteria. Only waste water should leave your tank drain and empty into the drain field. Drain fields are usually made from large trenches filled with gravel. This allows the waste water to slowly enter the ground and the gravel filters it as it seeps.

Sludge Buildup

Over time, solids break down in the tank and sludge drops to the bottom of the tank. In time, sludge levels can get too high, and this is when you need to call septic pumping services in Matagorda. If you don’t pump out the sludge before it reaches high levels, it can get into the drain system and clog up the drain field. It may also cause the tank to overfill, and your drains may back up or stop working altogether.

A clogged drain field is expensive to repair or replace. Your liquid waste disposal company can give you professional advice on how often you should have the tank pumped.


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