Do You Need a Water Disinfection System in Mullica Hill, NJ?

If you are getting your water from a city or town municipal supply, you generally assume that it’s safe to drink, and in most cases that is true. However, it is possible that your water has become infected with some kind of virus or bacteria. While these situations are rare, there are viruses that live in municipal water supplies that are not filtered out by their treatment processes. Some diseases, such as legionnaire’s disease, seem to actually thrive in municipal and controlled water supplies. If you’re being safe, you should consider a water disinfection system.

UV Disinfection

There are chemicals that can disinfect water, but they are likely toxic or just very unpleasant. If you’re looking for the safest water disinfection system in Mullica Hill, NJ, you need to look into UV disinfection. Ultraviolet light is the spectrum of light that is invisible to the eye, but more active than the brightest colors. It can severely damage cells, which is why UV light is responsible for many different types of skin disease.

When strong UV light is applied to water, it can kill viruses, bacteria, and protozoa. You can visit to see what kinds of water disinfection systems might be available.

Safest Disinfection

UV disinfection is the safest type of disinfection because it is not physical. Water is a very capable solvent that can dissolve many chemicals. Since UV light is just light, it dissipates after the water has passed through and nothing remains but pure, clean water. If you are getting your water from a municipal supply, you should also consider how the water tastes and smells.

If you disinfect your water, but it still tastes or smells bad, you’ll likely need a physical filter as well as a water disinfection system. There are many substances that can dissolve in your water. Some are harmful, while others are just unpleasant to taste.


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