Dental Implants In Stratford Can Replace Missing Teeth

If you’re missing your natural teeth, Dental Implants Stratford could be a permanent solution to your problem. Dental implants are the latest technology in dentistry to replace missing teeth and help to hold dentures in place. A dentist can determine if a dental implant is the right solution for your missing teeth. Unlike a bridge or denture, a tooth implant will look and feel like a natural tooth.
The implant does not need to be removed for cleaning and can be treated just like a regular tooth. The color of the implant will match the existing teeth in the mouth and no one will know it’s an implant.

Dental Implants in Stratford take at least two visits to complete. The first visit requires a consultation with a dentist to determine if you’re a candidate for an implant. The condition of the jawbone will be a determining factor if you’re a candidate for an implant. If the jawbone is in good condition, the implant and a crown can be placed in someone’s mouth in one visit. Most individuals that have suffered tooth loss will have to receive their treatment in two visits. The first visit entails a small hole being placed in the jawbone. This will require several months for the jawbone and gum tissue to heal. The patient will return to have their crown installed after healing has taken place.

If the jawbone requires grafting, the graft will have to heal before the crown can be adhered to the titanium post implant. The jawbone must be in good condition to hold the titanium post in place. For some individuals, no grafting will be needed and only the post will need to be placed. The slight variations in the procedure will be determined by the dentist. An implant will completely healed within 3 to 6 months providing proper care is given to the wound area. A custom-designed crown will be placed on the post and will be as sturdy as a natural tooth.

Modern Family Dental offers outstanding dental care including cosmetic and preventative dentistry. Dental implants can offer a permanent solution to missing teeth. It’s recommended to visit a dentist that offers cosmetic dental procedures to start the process of replacing missing teeth.


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