Dementia Support by way of Crafting and Creativity

With a bit of creativity, you can turn something small into a significant change and benefit for someone suffering from dementia. Even though the memories and losses associated with dementia can’t be replaced, new experiences are still enjoyable. Crafting and creative expression are extremely important to those with this disease and something that the Alzheimer’s and dementia care services you use can assist with.

Tactile Stimulation

It is common for individuals suffering from dementia to find comfort and pleasure in tactile stimulation. Engaging in touching certain items is not only quite beneficial and soothing, but it can serve as brain stimulation. A good way that the Alzheimer’s and dementia care provider can help with tactile exploration is by giving the individual a number of elements with different details and textures. For example, a lap blanket that has tabs made of different materials, crocheted items, etc. Consider adding items from their past, as well, such as old photographs, pocket watches costume jewelry and other items.

Use the Napkin Project

This is an effort that was created by a volunteer program that worked to create embroidered “home” themed napkins to give to patients suffering from dementia. Many people suffering from this disorder will find the napkins stimulating and those who have received them in the past spent time admiring, folding, smoothing and touching them. You can create a napkin for your loved one and give them this same experience.

There is no question that Alzheimer’s and dementia care providers have their work cut out for them. It can be difficult to know from day to day what a person’s mood and needs are going to be. However, the simple tips here may provide them with something to do and that stimulates their mind, which can be nothing but beneficial for these individuals.

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