Child Custody Attorneys Will Help the Process Go Smoother

Child custody determinations are one of the most stressful situations parents can go through. Both parents are concerned about not seeing their child enough to maintain a close bond with them. It’s a highly-charged situation for many parents, and it can be made easier when they hire child custody attorneys. Friends and family often offer their advice about what anyone should do, but this can lead to confusion or misrepresentations of the law. A child custody attorney will explain the law and keep the parent on track about what the court system is interested in for the children.

The court is only concerned about the best interest of the children and is not concerned about what went on between a couple in a relationship. The only time the court is concerned is when violence, criminal activity or some type of drug or alcohol addiction is involved. Child custody attorneys understand that every situation is unique and will carefully listen to an individual’s relationship with their partner and their children. Custody is rarely taken away from a parent unless there is something that is detrimental for the child to be around. Depending on the situation, a court may order home studies to be performed. These studies give a neutral party the ability to view both parent’s homes and to see the interaction of the child with the parent and their surroundings.

The court will look at the child’s current living situation and their interaction with each parent. The caregiving of a parent is also an important part. If one parent has not been involved in a child’s life or has given limited attention to them, the court will take this into consideration. A child’s relationship with each parent is also very important. A parent that provides a loving home that offers safety and security to the child is much more important than which parent earns more than the other. If a parent is unable to comply with a court order could be placed in contempt of court.

The Law Office of Melissa R. Montgomery has years of experience helping parents through child custody proceedings. Please speak with them for sound and reliable advice about your case.

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