Custom Stainless Steel Tank Fabrication: The Process Begins With A Design

Fabricating tanks is a complex matter. This is true whether you are considering a single custom stainless steel tank fabrication or are looking for several to fulfill the requirements for a major project. The process when producing one or more tanks essentially remains the same. However, differences do exist for certain aspects, including grade of stainless steel, specific technology, and certain additive processes.

The Basic Process

Before a custom tank is built to customer specifications, it must undergo a pre or planning process. Drawing are produced. Engineers look at them. Fabricators and the customer consider them. Decisions are made about what specific type of stainless steel is required to meet the demands and specifications of the application e.g., food grade. It is only after approval of the drawings, and the engineers have released the cut sheets that the actual work begins.

This preprocess includes such things as:

• Shearing material

• Roll and brake forming

• Head bumping

• Seam welding

• Head flanging and polishing

• Producing half pipe and full pipe coils.

In this stage, the machine shop takes the lead. It produces the various components essential for the tank. In custom stainless steel tank fabrication, production follows the completion of all parts such as flanges, pipe cutting, spacers, and base plates.

During this stage, various processes help to define and refine the product. Welding and grinding are two common processes involved in the production of a tank. Others include passivation and electropolishing. Quality control measures are in place to ensure the product is capable of serving its intended use. Testing is also another component of this part of the production.

Custom Stainless Steel Tank Fabrication

Tanks and vessels are in demand by many industrial concerns. They apply them for both storage and production applications. The material chosen may be industrial or food-grade stainless steel. However, no matter the size, the process for custom stainless steel tank fabrication fundamentally is the same.


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