A Water Heater In Tacoma Could Be Wasting Energy

A water heater older than ten years old could waste a large amount of energy in a home. As a water heater ages, the tank becomes less efficient and minerals or other materials coming through the water can cause the heating elements to work harder. The increased work of a heating element in a Water Heater in Tacoma will increase energy costs and reduce the amount of hot water a user has.

There are a variety of water heaters that will offer benefits to the energy bill and to the user of the water. There are tax credits and energy rebates available to save on the cost of a new water heater.


Sediment in a tank will cause the water heater to malfunction if not regularly flushed from the tank. Sediment can enter a water heater through well or municipal water. There is a new solution to this problem with the use of hydrojet technology. This technology will reduce sediment build up, lower energy costs, and reduce the need to call a plumber for repairs.

Signs A Water Heater Is Failing

Besides the lack of hot water, a water heater will show signs it needs to be repaired or replaced. If the tank is making a gurgling or bubbling sound, it needs attention. If the hot water doesn’t last as long as it did before, it needs to be serviced. If a Water Heater in Tacoma is leaking water from the bottom of the tank, the tank will need to be replaced.

Tankless Water Heater

All tankless water heaters are not the same. A tankless water heater offers hot water on demand instead of heating it in the tank to remain there until it’s needed. A dual flame technology of a tankless water heater will cause stable temperatures and boosting the flow rate. A tankless water heater can dramatically lower energy costs.

If your water heater isn’t producing enough hot water to complete a shower, dishes, bathing, or laundry, now is the time to contact a plumber about servicing the tank. A plumber will evaluate the situation and quickly determine what the best course of action is to take to correct the problem.


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