Contact a Divorce Attorney in Dayton OH to Get Answers to Your Legal Questions

The end of a marriage often brings financial uncertainty. Parents wonder how they will take care of their children with a single income, the spouse that stays in the home may not know if they’ll be able to afford to maintain it on their own and both spouses may not know if they’ll be able to retire as they planned. This is why it’s so important to contact a Divorce Attorney in Dayton Oh as soon as possible. An attorney might clear up a lot of the questions divorcing spouses have about their finances and connect them with professionals who can help them set up a realistic budget.

There may be steps an attorney can take on behalf of a client to ensure they have access to marital funds during the divorce. A spouse that didn’t earn their own income during the marriage because they were supporting their spouse emotionally and taking care of children shouldn’t have to be penniless while the divorce case is pending in court. Requests for spousal and child support may be made before the divorce is heard in court to help people who might struggle to maintain a home in the period between their separation and property settlement. A Divorce Attorney in Dayton Oh may file those requests for their client.

Divorce can be stressful emotionally but it doesn’t have to be financially stressful. Spouses who had financial problems during their marriage and might be left with more debt than they can realistically handle might consider filing for bankruptcy protection. Regardless of the court’s order determining which spouse is responsible to pay marital debt, credit card companies will hold the person who owns the card accountable for the payment. Bankruptcy could relieve a spouse of that insurmountable debt and let them start their single life without the burden of bills created by their ex-spouse.

Starting a new life is a little easier after the uncertainty is cleared. People who are getting divorced need professional guidance so they don’t make mistakes that are difficult or impossible to correct down the road. A skilled attorney could provide guidance and support when people need it most.


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