Comparing the Heating Oil in Clinton, Connecticut

The heating of the home is something which must be considered both when building and designing your home and the financial expense of its operation. Various petroleum products are offered that homes frequently use for fuel, heating oil #2, heating oil #4, heating oil #6, kerosene, propane, and bioheat. Depending upon where you live, it will be determined what is the best fuel source to use in that area, and which fuel source is most widely used. When looking at Heating oil in Clinton, Connecticut, the fuel consumption demographic is spread out.

Half the households in Connecticut use fuel oil to heat their homes, although the requirement is at least 2% of the fuel being used for heating to be biofuel as of 2014. That requirement also states that the fuel is the ultra low sulfer diesel (also known as ULSD). It is also noted that 1/3 of Connecticut households use natural gas as their primary source to heat their homes. It is worth looking at the two sources used as Heating Oil in Clinton, Connecticut.

The biofuel that is used is a bioheat blend, also called a renewable fuel. Its purpose is to make the heating oil burn cleaner, making it a “green” source of fuel. It is a unique product produced by East River Energy who uses a premium low sulfur heating oil. The biodiesel oil that is the created product is natural, biodegradable and non-toxic. It is also a domestically produced fuel which lessens the dependency on foreign commerce for oil. Because biodiesel is so similar in use to regular heating oil, it is a natural choice because it requires no tank, furnace, boiler or modifications to your heating system. This adds up to be quite a lot of savings as well as facility of use.

The other major source, natural gas, is widely used by East River Energy to provide services to their residential and commercial customers. Usually the interruptible service (which can be shut off at the discretion of the pipeline or the LDC) is provided for residential customers and those who have an alternative form of energy. The firm service is for commercial customers who depend solely on the natural gas for energy. To get more information on heating energy sources, visit the website of East River Energy. It is a full service energy company serving Clinton.



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