A Few Simple Ways to Save on Heating Oil Prices in Groton, CT

Comparing supplier’s prices is one way to lower home heating costs. There are other methods to keep home heating costs down. Many of those methods are free and some cost money that will be recouped by spending less on heating.

A Home Energy Audit

Home energy audits seek out areas where heat is seeping from a home. A local utility company may offer home energy audits for free or at a nominal cost.


A home energy audit may reveal areas that need to be insulated. It should be noted that existing insulation will lose its effectiveness over time. When insulating to save on heating oil prices in Groton, CT, visit www.energy.gov/energysaver/weatherize/insulation to learn the right insulation R-value and thickness for Groton, CT.

Unblock Heat Vents

Heat can’t flow from obstructed heat vents. Relocate any furniture that sits in front of or on top of a heat vent.

Limit Exhaust Fan Usage

Heat is among the things exhaust fans draw from the air. Turn exhaust fans off when there is no need for them. Ceiling fans should be put in reverse to push hot air down.

Use Window Curtains

Open curtains on a sunny day to have a free supplemental heating source. Sunlight passing through a window is converted to heat. Closing curtains at night blocks cold that enters around windows.

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