Common Health Problems Treated Using Reconstructive Surgery

Current trends in medical technologies have enabled many people to make changes to their body either for therapeutic or cosmetic purposes. While these technologies have been widely accepted, they can have fatal consequences if performed by a medical practitioner who is not experienced in Reconstructive Surgery. Some of the major applications of this type of surgery include:

Removal Of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is one of the major health problems affecting many people in the country. To treat this disease, the surgeon has to carry out specialized reconstructive surgery techniques to remove the cancerous growths and other skin lesions. It has to be done carefully to avoid leaving scars on the skin or disfigure the patient’s appearance. Although it is hard to carry out any surgery without leaving a scar, your surgeon should ensure that very few scars are visible after the skin heals.

Reconstruction Of Breasts

If you have breast cancer, your breast may have to be removed to get rid of a malignant tumor and prevent further infection of your body tissues. However, all is not lost as you can still have your breasts reconstructed through plastic surgery.

It is important for you know that if breast reconstruction is successful, you may not have the feel and sensitivity you had with your natural breasts. You will also have permanent marks of incision lines around your breast area. The good thing with breast reconstruction is that you regain your beautiful natural appearance and improve your confidence and self-esteem.

Hand Surgery

Many people who are employed in the construction industry are highly prone to accidents that may cause injuries on their hands. This is because they usually use their hands to control the machines that are never perfect. In case you suffered a hand injury while operating a machine, you can consult a surgeon to know what reconstructive procedures are available for your case. After the surgery, you can expect to regain the strength of your hand, normal functionality and flexibility and work with your fingers normally. Hand surgery may involve the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, dupuytren’s contracture and rheumatoid arthritis among others.

These are some of the common health problems that can be treated by David K. Hiranaka, M.D., D.M.D, using Reconstructive Surgery. For cosmetic surgery and other health solutions, visit:


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