Animal Control in Westerville, OH: Tips for Dealing with Killer Bees

Even if you live in an area where killer bees actually live, it has always been said that your chances of being stung are quite rare. However, in recent years the instances of people being stung fatally or almost fatally by these bees has risen alarmingly. If you feel like you have run across a nest of killer bees on your property the best thing for you to do is call in Animal control in Westerville OH to remove the swarm and get rid of the problem for you.

You need to remember above all else that these bees are not to be played with. A swarm of killer bees can easily take down a full-grown horse, so a human is no problem to them. You should call in Animal control in Westerville OH right away if you spot a swarm, do not try to take care of them yourself.

Below you will find some tips for how to survive a swarm of killer bees until Animal control in Westerville OH can get there to take care of the problem for you.

Run don’t Walk

You should run as fast as you can if a swarm of killer bees gets angry and comes after you. These are not bears so backing away slowly will do you no good. Once a swarm of killer bees is made angry and lands on you, there is little hope of getting away.

Cover Your Head

If you have a jacket or any other form or covering, make sure that you put it over your head to prevent stings to the face, neck, and eyes. Try however, not to obstruct your vision when you are running.

Take Cover as Soon as Possible

Whether it is a car, a garage, or your house, you need to get inside as soon as possible. Once you are inside, you will need to contact the wildlife control specialists as soon as possible to come out and take care of the problem for you.

These are just a few tips to help you protect yourself if a bee swarm should attack. From taking cover to covering your head make sure that you do what it takes to survive.

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