Commercial Fire Doors in Beckley WV for a Safe Work Environment

While some business owners may think fire detectors are an adequate safety precaution, a detector will only alert employees and customers of a fire’s presence. Installing Commercial Fire Doors in Beckley WV increases a company’s level of safety and lessens the chance that serious injuries or damage to goods will occur. Although no one expects a blaze to break out at their business or place of employment, having the extra security of a fire door helps lessen the anxiety of an occurrence and instill peace of mind.

Prevent Fires from Spreading Rapidly

One of the main benefits of a fire door is that it keeps the flames and smoke contained within a specific area. Retailers that sell or manufacture products that are highly flammable may wish to keep those items stored away from customers and the general work area. Should a fire break out in another part of the structure, these protective doors keep it from reaching the highly-combustible materials. Fire doors can also be utilized around exit and evacuation routes to provide a protective barrier for other doors and stairwells.

Avoid Smoke Damage

Even if a business avoids excessive damage to its foundation, the harm incurred by smoke can still result in costly cleanup repairs. An effective fire door will readily limit a number of toxic gasses and smoke from infiltrating an entire facility. This will prevent office walls, ceilings and furniture from becoming stained from soot. Even the unpleasant odor of smoke can be reduced by installing a steel fire door. Smoke not only damages its surroundings, but it can also cause serious health issues. Though burns caused by fire are a serious matter, most fire deaths result from smoke inhalation.

Allow Extra Time for Exiting a Structure

When a fire occurs, every second of reaction time is vital. Investing in Commercial Fire Doors in Beckley WV will limit how quickly a fire can spread and give employees and customers more time to reach safety. This is especially important in large companies or businesses that have a limited amount of exits. A fire-resistant door can help reduce the threat of panic and avoid additional injuries caused by people rushing to exit the facility.

For efficient, reliable fire door installation and repair, contact the staff at Garage Door Operators Inc. Since 1973, they have offered both commercial and residential customers a variety of doors, grills and shutters that provide optimal safety and security.

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