Aluminum Garage Doors: Lightweight And Affordable

The history of commercial aluminum usage dates back more than 100 years. Although the material was discovered many centuries before then, the process to make it commercially viable did not exist until much later. It was during the end of the Great Depression and during World War II, that aluminum began to make strides as a construction material in locations throughout Dane County WI. One of the items to emerge was aluminum garage doors.

Basic Advantages of an Aluminum Garage Door

Steel and wood have long held prominence in the garage door manufacturing business. They both have their advantages. Yet, so, too does aluminum. In fact, it offers those who prefer these newer style doors certain advantages.

  • Light Weight: No one will argue that aluminum is one of the lightest metals available for building structures including furniture and garage doors. This lightness makes aluminum doors for a garage easy to work with, particularly if at some point, you need to open them manually. Since they are not heavy, such doors are easier on the lifting mechanisms ensuring they will last longer.
  • Rust Resistant: An aluminum garage door is durable when it comes to certain environmental forces. It is not susceptible to rust and requires little maintenance. The addition of an insulation area can further increase its durability
  • Environmentally Friendly: Aluminum is recyclable. Once your garage doors are no longer operative or you decide to change styles, you can return them to a dealer who will then be able to recycle the material
  • Stylistic Options: Once aluminum doors and furniture came in few or ghastly colors. Today, you can choose from a vast array of color and style options. In Dane County WI, you can find garage doors in various styles, although the preference does seem to lean towards from modern and contemporary. Glass windows may be added included those constructed from tempered or laminate glass. The aluminum may have the appearance of wood, being wood-grain embossed
  • Price: An aluminum garage doors is an affordable investment. They usually cost less than those constructed of steel do. The addition of various types of insulation can increase the price but make the door even more cost-effective

These are the basic advantages of choosing to install an aluminum garage door.

Aluminum Garage Doors

Like all other materials, those made of aluminum do have flaws. The material is susceptible to dents and dings. However, if this is not an issue, you should at least consider the advantages this type of garage door offers homeowners living in Dane County WI. In the end, what garage doors customers prefer depends upon personal taste, availability, local environmental conditions and, of course, price.


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