Chicago Dental Implants: An Excellent Alternative To Dentures

For most people, the thought of losing all their teeth or needing to get them pulled sends shivers down the spine. It can be scary to think that all your teeth have become so bad that it’s better to have them removed. However, what happens if you lose one or two teeth? Will they be noticed or will it cause other problems?

What Your Teeth Do

Of course, your teeth help you chew, talk and so much more. They’re what most people notice first when you speak or smile, and they’re always there for you until they fall out. It could be due to a cavity, disease or accident, but when a tooth is lost, most people ignore it. They think that unless it’s one of the front teeth, they aren’t necessary, but in truth, the other teeth could shift, causing bite problems and pain. Likewise, if you lose a few teeth in the same area, you could lose some of the bone density, which could change your face’s shape.


Chicago dental implants can improve your overall appearance, but especially the mouth area. You want to look and feel good when you smile. Healthy, white teeth can turn heads and can make all the difference at work or on the dating scene. If you’ve lost teeth, it may be beneficial to think about an implant instead of dentures or partials.

Next Best Thing

While your original teeth are always the best thing to have in your mouth, when that’s not possible, an implant is the next best thing. They’re strong and durable, just like your natural teeth. Plus, with all the advancements in dental care, they look just like a regular tooth and won’t be noticeable to others, even when you’re up close.

Chicago dental implants are one of the best alternatives to dentures or lost teeth. Visit SE Chicago Dentistry now to learn more.


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