4 Types of Contracts and Paperwork You May See With Houston Industrial Movers

When you are thinking of moving your industry from one location to another, industrial moving Houston companies will provide you with certain types of documents and you should be in a position to know what they mean. Despite the contracts feeling a bit intimidating, you should know what you are signing in order to have a successful and smooth move. Here are the types of documents you should expect when you deal with industrial moving companies

Mover Estimate

When the movers visit your firm to assess the goods and machinery to be moved, they should provide you with a document that outlines what kind of estimate it is – whether binding or non-binding and how they calculated it to get the overall charge. It can be a bit complex for you if you are moving machinery, however, with guidance from the industrial moving company, you can make sure everything is clear.

Order of Service

Once you have agreed to the estimate provided by your Houston mover, you will receive another piece of document known as the order of service. This serves as a contract between you and industrial moving companies. This document will provide you with all you need to know about the move and other terms and conditions.

Bill of Lading

This is one of the key documents you will receive from your mover and you will receive it on your moving day. It is essential because your mover will have to have it in order to move your items and goods. You will need to sign the document stating that you agree to the terms and conditions you had signed on earlier documents.

Inventory sheet

On moving day, you will be given this type of document to list out everything your mover is responsible for moving. The Houston mover will have their own list to countercheck as the process goes on. This document is your guarantee that everything has been moved.

Having knowledge of what paperwork to accept from industrial moving companies gives you a huge head start. It is a way to ensure that everything is being done professionally with supporting documents in order to avert disputes and irresponsible moving practices.


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