Charlotte Specialists are Debunking 5 Common Myths About Local SEO Tactics

A group of computer specialists who do local SEO in Charlotte, NC has recently stated that they’re dedicated to eliminating many of the big myths and legends that still persist in the search engine optimization community. Quite a few things that people in this space do are actually ineffective, but they’ve been able to survive for decades because of the fact that search engines aren’t always extremely upfront about the way that they do business.

Now that better information has become available, they’ve authored a blog post helpfully entitled “Debunking 5 Common Myths About Local SEO“. More than likely, the most shocking point that it addresses is the fact that companies that don’t necessarily have physical plants still need to invest in local SEO. This flies in the face of conventional wisdom, but it doesn’t seem that the authors are shying away from controversy as they also addressed hot topics like content creation and mobile material.

Wireless web presence has been an extremely debated issue in the industry, and these experts feel that their clients really do need to have versions of their sites that are capable of working with smaller screens. They also feel that all of the content posted to sites needs to be fresh, high-quality and not republished elsewhere. All of this is sure to ruffle some feathers, but it could bring a much-needed shakeup to the industry as a whole.

To find out more about the right way to tackle local SEO in Charlotte, NC, visit Fleek Consulting.

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