Buckled and Cracked Sidewalks Present a Serious Problem in Minnesota

A buckled and cracked sidewalk around your home presents a danger that could cause friends, family, and even strangers to trip and fall. While most are minor, some falls can result in serious injury, leading to a lawsuit. Concrete sidewalk repair companies in Minnesota can help to prevent that from occurring.

Minnesota’s harsh, cold winter climate is one reason why sidewalks buckle and crack; When water from rain or melting snow that’s absorbed into and under a sidewalk freeze, it expands. That expansion can easily cause the concrete crack. Another cause is Minnesota’s lush landscape; tree roots growing under a sidewalk can also push it up, causing damage.

Concrete sidewalk repair companies in Minnesota can assess the reason for the damage. If tree roots have caused the damage, you will likely need to also hire a tree specialist, known as an arborist. You cannot simply cut through the tree’s root, without potentially causing the tree to become unstable or killing it. Before a concrete repair company can do its work, the tree and its roots must be addressed.

In the case of frost damage, top concrete sidewalk repair companies in Minnesota can not the only level and smooth cracked concrete, they can also seal it. An epoxy sealer can help to prevent concrete from absorbing moisture, thus, reducing the likelihood of frost damage.

Maintaining your concrete walkways is your responsibility as a homeowner. Not only will it prevent falls, but it will also maintain the value and curb appeal of your home.


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