Are Dental Implants Really the Right Choice?

The dentist has already confirmed that the last of the real teeth have to go. That means the patient will need to make a decision about what will replace them. For some patients, it will be possible to consider the options of dentures or dental implants near Lakeview. Here are some of the reasons why the latter approach is worth considering.


There is no doubt that of the two options, dental implants near Lakeview offer a more natural look. This is because each implant is actually placed in the gum. While dentures can look very close to the real thing, all it takes is a wide smile to show that the plates are resting on top of the gums. For people who would rather not have anyone else know they do not have their real teeth anymore, implants are a good approach.

Less Maintenance

Of the two approaches, implants will require less maintenance. In many ways, the task of managing dental hygiene effectively will be a lot like taking care of natural teeth. The teeth are still brushed and the patient can still use mouthwash. Some dentists will discourage the use of floss, since implants do not have the natural barrier that is found around the base of real teeth. Others will teach their patients how to use floss without rubbing against the gum tissue.

Compare this typical routine to soaking and scrubbing a set of dentures and it is easy to see why this would be a better approach. As a bonus, implants are not removed every night. That means no chance of them being knocked off a nightstand and being damaged.

Protecting the Jaw Line

Without natural teeth, the shape of the jaw will begin to shift a little. That can leave the face with a sunken look. Since implants are embedded in the gums just like real teeth, they help to prevent this from happening. For people who happen to like the set of their jaws, this is a big plus.

If the dentist finds that the patient is a candidate for implants, it will be easy enough to start the process. With a little time and effort, the smile will once again look great. Contact Family Dental Care, if you need dental implants near Lakeview. Visit for more details.


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