Bringing Your Packaging Line Into the 21st Century

If you’ve been packaging your food products the same way for many years, you may not even realize how much more efficient automated packaging solutions have become. Whether you package by hand, or use an antiquated automated system, taking the time to investigate how new packaging systems work could be very beneficial to your company. Here are some things you need to know.

* Packaging systems are very customizable. By working with the right vendor, you can create a packaging system that fits your needs exactly. If your business is small, you can start with low production systems and scale the system as your business grows. This prevents having to spend too much money on packaging machinery in the early years of your business. There are systems available no matter what type of packaging you use, too. Your new system can fill anything from bottles, to sealed trays to bags.

* Packaging systems are very accurate. Today’s weighing systems, like vertical packaging machines, can measure to within 0.1 gram to 1.5-gram accuracy, ensuring you are not wasting food.

* Packaging systems are extremely reliable. Today’s machines report nearly 100 percent uptime, ensuring your business runs at maximum efficiency. These machines can significantly increase your daily production, even if you make no other changes to how you do business.

* Packaging systems are affordable. Because the systems scale so easily and because these are so efficient, the upfront costs are recouped quickly through faster production and cost savings. In addition, those upfront costs are probably much less than you’ve imagined.

Talk to a packaging systems solutions company about the best way to update your packaging line. Whether you need a vertical packaging machine, bucket elevator or an entirely new line, your solutions company can customize the right line to make your company’s efficiency, and profits, soar.


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