Ammonia Free Glass Cleaner

by | Jul 18, 2018 | Kitchen cleaning


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Glass cleaners containing ammonia are extremely dangerous to children and pets. In fact, very high exposure to ammonia can be fatal. The CDC classifies ammonia in cleaners as toxic, and they have very specific guidelines for treating patients exposed to ammonia-based cleaners. It is one of the most used chemicals in household cleaning solutions in the United States. So why risk exposing your children and pets to this harsh chemical when ammonia-free glass cleaners are available?

Glass cleaners contain a number of chemicals which are toxic. Exposure to those chemicals can cause eye irritations and skin burns. The fumes from glass cleaners containing ammonia can induce asthma in even healthy individuals. That is why the directions on the bottles say to only use the product in well-ventilated areas. The manufacturer of these products is not required to list every ingredient on the label.

An ammonia-free glass cleaner is safe for glass as well as humans whereas a glass cleaner containing ammonia should not be used on UV glass such as that found in vehicles and commercial buildings. Cleaners with ammonia can damage the finish or shellac on many surfaces.

Using ammonia-free glass cleaners benefits not only the area being cleaned but also the person doing the cleaning and the environment. Non-toxic cleaning products are biodegradable and use only natural enzymes to clean and eliminate streaks.

When cleaning products with toxic chemicals are used, then everything is affected by the chemicals’ the ozone, water, air, and land. Our entire ecosystem is affected by the choices we make.

No one can evade exposure to harmful chemicals completely, but you can significantly reduce the risk of exposure by using ammonia-free glass cleaners when you clean glass. More and more people are realizing the benefits of ammonia-free glass cleaners. So, do your part and clean your glass with an ammonia-free glass cleaner.

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