Benefits of Ethical Pet Food Products

Ethical pet products are beneficial to nature and the environment as much as they are beneficial to your pet. While the biodegradable feeding bowls do not offer immediate physical benefits to your beloved pet, the organic pet food and cleaning products may just be what your furry friend needs for these benefits:

Improved Pet Health
Ethical pet products from Jacksonville do not contain artificial additives or preservatives. Moreover, they contain little or no fillers so your pet consumes only what it needs to maintain healthy energy levels and a healthy life. Ethical pet foods contain ingredients that have antioxidants to benefit the health of your pet. Ethical pet foods also help in management of your pet’s weight by helping your pet lose unnecessary fat. These benefits make the ethical foods easily digestible by your pet’s gut hence reducing gut disorders.

The high nutritional value and unsaturated fatty acids ensures your pet’s skin and coat is beautiful, softer and shiny with a reduced greasy feel.

Reduced Allergies
Pet allergies are often caused by fillers, dyes and preservatives. Ethical cleaning products such as soaps, shampoos and softeners are natural and organic and therefore do not cause allergies.

Less Stool Volume and Odor
This can be attributed to improved digestion. Ethical pet products, from Jacksonville, are easily and effectively digested in the pet’s system leading to production of less stool volume with little or no odor. The stool also quickly dries up when exposed to the sun turning into dust.

Improved Skin and Coat
Pets often detox their bodies through their skin. This causes a greasy, smelly coat. A natural raw pet food diet from contains high nutrient value and unsaturated fatty acids with no additives and preservatives producing a beautiful, softer and shiny coat with less pet odor and reduced greasy feel.

Better Weight Management and Stronger Immune System
By feeding your cat with a raw pet food, your pet loses unnecessary fat. This increases the pet’s metabolic rate, its activity levels and its healthy lifespan. In conjunction to a raw food diet – using ethical pet products, will enhance their quality of life and allow them to be happy and feel loved.

Stronger Immune System
Ethical pet products from Jacksonville contain the perfect balance of fatty acids, as well as, other immune strengthening and normalizing nutrients which are quickly absorbed into your pet’s system boosting your pet’s immunity preventing costly infections and illnesses.

Feed your pet with ethical pet products from Jacksonville by visiting Earth Pets, to maintain proper health and a strong immune system.


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