4 Ways Tinted Windows Will Save You Money

If there’s ever a reason to make an investment, it’s to save money in the long run. Part of being a smart homeowner, car owner, lot owner or property owner of any kind is optimizing the value of your purchase and reducing your costs – and in every single case, there’s a lot to be done.

With automobiles specifically, you’d be hard-pressed to find a faster, cheaper way to save money than some professional window tinting. Aside from the fact that it’s quick and doesn’t cost much, a proper window tint in Jacksonville by a company like Advanced Window Tinting nets you a number of excellent benefits:

1. In the summer, a little less means a whole lot more.

Summer can be a very hot time. Hot times are no fun – especially in Jacksonville. While most of us are used to cranking down the AC and making things get a little chilly in the car, we also know that that isn’t a cheap way to cool down – no matter how small your car is or how little gas it guzzles. Tinted windows cut your energy costs by keeping your car cool longer.

2. Sun fading isn’t fun, whether on the exterior or in the interior.

Another thing most car owners don’t think of the first time around is the fact that that beautiful new interior of theirs – faux leather or the real thing – is quite susceptible to fading. Badly. The sun and its light is an amazing bleaching agent, but keeping your windows tinted is a great defense against all that business. Like your shiny seats? Then get your windows tinted.

3. Tinted glass shatters more safely.

This is another point people don’t consider very often – glass is usually tinted through very thin, specialized metallic film. This film is reflective, protective and, when applied by a quality professional, there’s no risk of bubbles or corrosion over time. If a window is smashed while tinted, the coated film will hold the shards together and make them less dangerous.

4. It’s as good as sunscreen.

Untinted windows are more dangerous than you’d think – and not just because of the heat. Sunlight is partially made up of ultra violet light, which is a type of radiation that we generally do not like. Our ozone layer does a good job of blocking most of it, but a lot still seeps through. Enough to pose a risk to people who work in sunny places and disregard their sunscreen – or their untinted windows.

There you have it – between potential medical bills, higher energy costs and faded leather, there’s a lot of undesirable things a little tinting will help eliminate.

Advanced Window Tinting is a Jacksonville-based window tinting company that prides itself in being the best in the area.


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