Care and maintenance help your appliances last longer. Learn top tips to make your appliances last.

Clean them

Whether it’s your fridge, stove, microwave or any other appliance in your home, cleaning it will help it run that much longer. For instance, you can remove the front grille of your fridge and start cleaning the coils. A coil cleaning brush should get the job done. Clean coils mean the unit will now work much more efficiently and will save you money on your next utility bill.

Don’t overload them

Don’t cram too many clothes into your washer and dryer. That’s not going to save you time, water or energy if your appliances end up broken or damaged much too soon. Want to avoid shelling out money for premature repairs? Keep to the normal load and your appliances will work without any problems.

Adjust the temp setting

You can adjust the temp settings in your appliances. Simple adjustments can easily fix the problem. Make sure you read through the manual before you attempt anything, though. Otherwise, you could end up dealing damage to your unit. If that happens, don’t hesitate to contact appliance repair pros in Slidell to fix the problem.

Use anti-vibration pads

Hate noise? Use anti-vibration pads to keep your washers and dryers quiet, the Family Handyman says. That’s a nifty solution to the noise. You can work without distractions or sleep till the laundry’s done.

Check your filters

Whether it’s the filter for your dishwasher or your AC, you’ll need to regularly check the and clean them. Clogged filters can cause a lot of problems. You can clean them or have new ones installed. That’s going to help your unit function much more efficiently.

Call for repairs

In case your appliance stops working, don’t tinker with it. Call for appliance repair assistance in Slidell right away.

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