The basic lock-and-key system is still a standard feature on most automobiles. However, this protective measure also comes with a downside. For example, if you are trying to control your kids and are holding some bags of groceries at the same time, fumbling for your keys can be quite a hassle. That is why keyless entry in the form of a remote control is a welcome technology.

RKE Systems

Remote key systems provided by an automotive locksmith in Tulsa are also known as RKE systems with “RKE” standing for “remote keyless entry.” Because locking systems are meant to guard against theft, RKE systems must feature a higher level of security. From their introduction in the 1980s, RKE systems have depended on codes to reduce the risk of thievery.

According to automotive locksmith professionals, many of the early coding problems have been addressed and encryption is used in the newer systems. Because the “key” that unlocks an encrypted code resides in a receiver, a would-be thief has to have access to a vehicle or a transmitter to crack a code. As a result, new RKEs substantially reduce the incidence of theft.

Other Features of Keyless Systems

Automotive locksmith companies add that receivers for keyless entry systems are now built into the processors that control other vehicle functions. This type of consolidation reduces the cost of the keyless systems. Also, keychain controllers add new antitheft measures including keyless ignition capabilities and immobilization.

According to locksmiths at Tulsa Mobile Locksmith, an immobilizer system uses induction-type wiring in a car’s steering column. In turn, the circuits are used to read a low-frequency signal transmitted by a keychain fob. That specific signal also carries a unique code. Unless the proper code is transmitted, the immobilizer stops the fuel pump from operating, which causes the engine to lose power after only a few blocks.

While remote unlocking, immobilization, and keyless ignitions have different configurations, they all form the core of auto locking and operating systems today. This basic core forms the profile of the keyless car.

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