All Your House Cleaner Etiquette Questions Answered

Whether you have made an appointment to have your home cleaned or are simply in the process of finding a cleaning service in Bellevue, understanding the proper etiquette is essential. We’re going to take a look at some of the most common etiquette questions and offer answers, so you are relaxed and ready to go when the cleaner comes knocking on the door.

Should I Be Home While the Cleaner Works? Should I Remove My Pets?

Some companies are going to have a strict answer to this question, while others will not. One company may prefer that you are there for the entire cleaning, while another company may prefer you be out of the home to avoid extra distractions. As for pets, make sure the cleaning service knows they are present so employees with allergies aren’t scheduled to your home. Otherwise, most companies are fine with a pet being present as long as it is friendly.

Am I Supposed to Tip My Cleaner?

You aren’t required to tip, but it’s certainly not out of the question to do so. Experts suggest that you tip about 10 to 20% if you do decide to offer a gratuity. If you aren’t sure whether you should tip or not, ask the company you choose what the common behavior is, so you have something to go off of. For those who hire an individual contractor, tipping is always a good idea. You should also tip if you feel the worker has gone above and beyond when providing services for you.

Do I Need to Do Any Preparation for Cleaning?

While it might seem a bit counterproductive to clean up the house before the cleaner comes knocking, it’s actually a common process. The reason for this is because if you have already removed the clutter, your cleaners can get started cleaning and out of your hair quicker. This can be as simple as cleaning up the toys and other items in the living room or putting away fragile items. You don’t have to do this, but we do recommend spending a few minutes cleaning up before your appointment.

Cleaning Services in Bellevue

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