Alcohol Treatment And Detoxification

Alcohol abuse is common in American society. Various societal opinions often make it hard for many addicts to seek treatment. They do not realize they have a problem or they see treatment as unnecessary. What may cause many to avoid rehab is the thought of withdrawal. Many alcoholics believe the graphic depictions of this process as portrayed in earlier films and television shows. However, as those centers offering alcohol treatment in Fort Lauderdale can attest – these are no longer valid or true portraits of detox.

Detox Methods

Withdrawal is the consequence of the cessation of drinking alcohol or using drugs. It is unavoidable. However, the detoxification process can be relatively painless. Under the guidance of professionals, the procedure will successfully remove alcohol and the various toxins resulting from alcohol abuse. The method they generally prefer to employ is medical detox.

Medical detox contrasts strongly with two other methods of alcohol withdrawal. These are:

1. Cold Turkey: No longer considered the only means of ending alcoholism, this approach involves the complete cessation of drinking. Treatment centers such as those in Fort Lauderdale, no longer recommend it because of its potential for resulting in medical issues.

2. Gradual Consumption Reduction: This involves slowly cutting down the amount and frequency of alcohol consumption. This method fails to address the causal factors behind alcohol abuse.

For those who want to reduce their dependency on alcohol, medical detox within an alcohol treatment program is the better solution. A professional provides complete guidance, using various types of prescription medication to reduce and alleviate the negative sensations associated with withdrawal.

Alcohol Treatment and Medical Detoxification

If you plan to undergo any form of alcohol treatment, do not let the old images of detox detract you from your goal. You can ensure it will be as painless as possible if you make sure the process is under the guidance of professionals. In Fort Lauderdale, you have several options.

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