All You Need to Know About the Process of Fabrication in Florida

Few materials have revolutionized building and construction like steel. Skyscrapers, magnificent bridges and even auto mobiles bear testimony to the immense importance of steel in modern life. Yet without fabrication, steel wouldn’t be that useful. Given here is a simple description of the process of fabrication.

Fabrication involves the cutting, shaping and assembling of steel components. It takes place in four main stages:
1. Cutting
Here, steel is cut to the required size. The most common tool used here is the shear which cuts the steel sheets without producing chips. Band saw is another tool used. Made of a metal band with teeth along one of the edges, the band saw rides on two rotating wheels on one plane. As a result of the distributed tooth load that is evenly distributed, the band saw is able to produce a cutting action that is uniform. To cut large steel sections without much effort, cutting torches are used. The steel sheets are burned after cutting to make shaping easier.

2. Drilling
Drilling involves the use of a drill to form holes and mill slots into the sections, channels and beams of steel. In the past, this process was done manually but with advancement of technology, modern drills are now equipped with position sensors and feed conveyors that move the steel element into position. In addition, these drills have capability for probing that enables the drill to precisely identify the location where a slot or hole is to be made.

3. Welding
Here, the machine parts are assembled. Based on the welding specifications, the welder welds the machine parts to match the general arrangement requirements. If care is not taken, the steel might undergo warping as a result of heat. Welding in a staggered fashion, re-designing the weld to use minimum weld and using a strong back to maintain the required shape are some of the precautions taken to prevent steel warping.

4. Assembly
The steel is shot blasted then primed and painted. This makes the process practically over. However, further additions can be made to suit the specifications of the customer before inspection.

As these processes show, it is fabrication that converts raw steel to a usable form. While in the past this process used to be slow, most of the companies with Best Fabrication in Pensacola Florida now have very advanced technology that make the process more efficient and the end product cheaper. To learn more, visit website or contact US Machine Services Inc for more details.


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