Affordable Alternatives to High-Priced Moving Trucks

Perhaps one of the biggest hurdles of moving is finding the vehicle to do the actual moving for you. Thinking about the high costs of moving trucks and other similar vehicles can quickly add to the mental and emotional distress that comes with moving overall. Here are 3 affordable alternatives to high-priced moving trucks that you should consider to save money.

Choose an SUV Instead

Instead of rushing to get a lengthy moving truck, consider if a SUV rental would do the trick instead. Of course, it may not be a feasible option for cross-country moves involving 4-5 bedrooms full of furniture. However, if you are simply moving to the next town or a few blocks away from your home, renting an SUV may be all that you need. In addition to saving money, you can also save time by being able to manage a smaller vehicle much easier than an extended moving truck – especially on those congested highways.

Trust in the Beauty of Carpools

Chances are that you will have at least a small group of your friends and family members helping you at some point during your move. Some may help you pack your belongings one on end of the trip while others may help you to unload and unpack in your new home at the other end. Either way, you might be surprised by just how much you can stuff and pack within their individual vehicles along the way. Perhaps renting an SUV will help you with the bulk of your boxes while you can trust in the minivans and pickup trucks of your friends to handle the heavier items and bulky furniture.

Research, Research, Research

Research and competitive shopping are essential factors when it comes to planning and preparing to move from one location to another. Last-minute procrastinators will always pay the most money. Whether you decide to go with an SUV rental or invest in the last-minute moving truck reservation, you are going to pay the most money at that time. The farther ahead you make your plans and reservations, the more money you will save along the way.


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