Adoption, Assisted Reproductive Technology and LGBTQ Family Planning With a Northbrook Law Firm

by | Dec 17, 2015 | Law Services


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While many law firms in the Northbrook area provide top level legal support and services for traditional types of family law cases, there are a small number of firms offering more unique services. For families that may not easily fit into standard issues in the law, a specialized family law firm with experience in legal representation for various reasons may be important to find.

LGBTQ Family Law Services

LGBT or lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender is a fairly well-understood term in the family court system. More and more the addition of the Q is used to represent individuals not falling into one of those above categories, or those questioning those who prefer to use the term queer over other terms.

Often these partners experience considerable challenges when applying for an adoption or if they are planning on using assisted reproductive technology to have a baby. This includes adoptions through agencies as well as private adoption services.

By involving a family law firm with experience in supporting LGBTQ families to adopt or have a child with assisted reproductive technology many of the legal hurdles and complications can be proactively addressed.


For any couple, surrogacy can be an option if the couple is unable to conceive. In the development of these agreements, a knowledgeable Northbrook family law firm with experience in surrogacy will be essential.

The state of Illinois actually is one of the few states that has laws on the books, the Illinois Gestational Surrogacy Act of 2005, which makes it easier for the parents, and the surrogate, to fully understand the process and the legal agreement they are entering into. This is true for heterosexual couples and the surrogate as well as LGBTQ couples.

Co-Parent and Step-Parent Adoptions

In some cases, there may the need for a family law firm to assist a couple in co-parent or step-parent adoptions. In these situations, which can be highly emotionally charged, having an attorney that understands the law and has the compassion and ability to discuss the options with the family can be extremely helpful during the process.

Increasingly today, families look different and have different legal needs when adopting or using reproductive technology to have a child. Working with a Northbrook family law firm with this experience will help the process naturally unfold and protect your rights as a client.

In our Northbrook family law firm, we are able to provide adoption and reproductive technology legal support and assistance for all individuals and families. To learn more about how Michael C. Craven can help you in your unique situation visit us at

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