About the Hemodialysis Technician Program

At Dialysis 4 Career, we offer a Hemodialysis Technician Program to interested students. Those who wish to learn the proper way to operate dialysis machines that effectively remove extra water, salt and waste from a person’s blood, while maintaining proper levels of specific chemicals, should enroll. In addition to performing this critical operation of the dialysis process, technicians will also prepare patients for their dialysis, monitor them during the treatment and adjust settings on the machines as needed.

About the Training Program

When you enroll in the Hemodialysis Technician Program, you will complete a course that was created to simulate the operations and processes used during renal dialysis. You will also study topics that are required to pass the CCHT exam. Our clinical review also gives students the opportunity to be chosen for a clinical externship program with an introduction to the real world clinical setting that will be encountered once they are on the job.

What Happens When the Course Is Completed?

The length of our course is dependent on when you take them. For example, morning classes take nine weeks to complete, evening classes require 12 weeks and if you choose to take classes on the weekends, the Hemodialysis Technician Program requires 13 weeks of study. The entire course requires 96 credit hours, and upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate of completion. Graduates from our program will also be prepared to take the National Exam.

The course is designed to prepare you for a real world position as a hemodialysis technician. The skills are targeted and focused on this career field and will ensure you are ready to take the exam so you can earn this certification to provide these services. To learn more or ask questions related to the course, contact us today.


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