A Step by Step Guide for Intercom System Installation

Intercom systems are commonly used in households as well as in commercial buildings. They are a type of stand-alone communications device that is used in apartment complexes and in commercial buildings, and is not reliant on the public telephone network. The intercom system has an independent wiring system running along to the receiver and the microphone. Intercom systems need to be installed with care so that the wires don’t break and the connection isn’t lost. Here is a step by step guide for intercom system installation.

Choose the Right Model

The first step is to choose the right model for your house or commercial building. You can talk to a reputable company such as Security Shop Inc. to find out about the different models that are available, along with the unique features of each model. This will give you a better idea about which model is best suited to your security needs. Some intercom systems also have video conferencing capabilities; they are mostly installed at the door so that you can see the person who is ringing the bell and let them in remotely.


Intercom system installation is not an easy job; it needs to be handled by a professional who has experience in this field. The wires need to be properly concealed and insulated to prevent breakage. The security expert will first make a small indentation in the wall to install the microphone and the main transceiver, and will then install the intercom receiver inside. After the intercom system has been installed, it will be thoroughly tested to make sure that it is working correctly. Most modern intercom systems come with a warranty of at least one year, so if you encounter any problems, you can call in for repairs free of cost.


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