A Fence Company in St Paul Helps Property Owners Create Private Backyard Living Space

Residential property owners who are thinking of having a fence installed around the yard may want to know the current trends and which fence styles are considered outdated. They also want to know about timeless options from a Fence Company in St Paul. They may not want to have a design installed that is definitively connected with a specific decade, and they also want to know whether any recent developments have been made to improve qualities such as durability and strength.

Vinyl fencing continues to dominate the market, but that doesn’t mean everyone has given up on wood. In fact, many homeowners will not consider fencing in any material except wood. They hire a fence company in St Paul to construct privacy or decorative fencing made of cedar, oak, maple or other types of wood that are particularly lovely for fences. Cedar tends to be the preferred choice because of its appearance, durability, and lack of interest to insects. Termites, carpenter ants and other bugs may invade most species of wood, but they find the fragrance of cedar to be unappealing. Cedar also tends to last longer than other species of wood when it comes to fencing, as it withstands the elements and is less vulnerable to mildew and rot. Since it’s available in many hues, most property owners can find the color and grain they want for their yard.

Cedar fencing around a yard creates an outdoor living space that can function as an extension of the home’s interior. It provides a place for kids to play and for adults to relax over a glass of wine or cocktail after work. Meals can be cooked and eaten outside during the warm-weather months. People enjoy sunbathing in privacy as they lay back on chaise lounges and read or chat on the phone. The family can have parties and entertain relatives on beautiful summer days, with everyone being able to decide whether they’d rather spend time sitting in chairs on the lawn or playing a game like croquet or horseshoes. Nobody in the neighboring houses can see through the privacy fence.


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