A Construction Site Accident Attorney in Bronx NY Is Important in Many Situations

Construction is recognized as one of the most hazardous occupational categories. Occupations in this industry put an individual at increased risk of a work-related injury compared with most other jobs. A Construction Site Accident Attorney in Bronx NY provides assistance when an injured worker has trouble negotiating a reasonable amount of financial compensation from the insurer.

Government regulations and company efforts to minimize accident rates help prevent injuries from occurring on construction sites, but accidents still happen all too frequently. There are many reasons for this. Workers may become somewhat careless about following certain safety rules if the rules are inconvenient. An individual may come to work feeling ill or sleep-deprived, and that has negative effects. It reduces reaction time, alertness and the ability to stay safe in potentially hazardous work circumstances. These situations not only raise their own risk of an injury but increase the risk for their co-workers as well. In addition, equipment may malfunction if it is not regularly maintained and inspected, and may harm someone working with it.

Smaller construction sites are not as heavily regulated as large ones, but they still pose serious hazards. A member of a small crew replacing a residential roof might trip and fall from that height, suffering fractured bones and other injuries. A construction site accident attorney in Bronx NY represents a person who needs help with medical expenses and paying bills while being unable to work.
A major problem in the residential construction industry involves how many individuals work on contract instead of being employed by a company. Many workers do not even sign contracts in this industry; they simply take jobs as they can get them, often from casual friends and acquaintances. That means they do not receive workers compensation benefits. Nevertheless, the injured person deserves compensation for loss of income and medical expenses. That becomes crucial when the person does not have health insurance, which is common among temporary workers. A law firm such as Kiley, Kiley & Kiley provides free consultations so people can learn whether they have a good case. Visit us for more information on how to get help.


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