6 Great Tips for Making Moonshine

Making moonshine isn’t rocket science. But it does come with a few risks. Here’s how to make sure your attempt is safe and a definite success:

Choose a recipe

To start things off, you’ll need to get a good recipe. Since there are plenty of ways to customize that bottle of moonshine, look around at the many flavored moonshine recipes available out there. When you finally find the one you want, then you’ll need to…

Prepare what you need

Get the proper equipment for making moonshine. Do your research. You could also buy a kit online to make things easier on you. That might be the fastest way to get the equipment you need to get your moonshine making efforts off the ground.

Follow the recipe

Once everything has been laid out, make sure you read through the instructions of the recipe you chose. Don’t try to deviate from the instructions and be careful about following it step by step so you don’t miss a single one. That way, you can expect your attempts to be successful.

Do it outdoors

If you’re using distillery equipment and big gallon barrels, make sure it’s safe by doing it outdoors. This way, the alcohol vapors can safely escape into the atmosphere.

Make more than one

To make things more interesting, start off with at least two flavored moonshine recipes for your experiment. You can compare the results once you’re done. So if your taste buds don’t take to the first one, you still have another bottle to try out.

Know what you’re getting into

Before you give it a go, make sure you know what you’re getting into, says Country Farm Lifestyles. Research and read up on moonshine making practices and tips. The more you know about the process, the better the results and the safer it will be for you. Like us at Facebook


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