Choosing the Right Trailer for Your Heavy Duty Truck

If you have a heavy duty truck in Texas, you may need more than one trailer for your business. Trailers come in many shapes and sizes, and some have special purposes, while others serve many uses. Let’s look at some of the most common trailers, to help you make the right decision.


Many semi-trailers are 53 feet long these days, but some are 48 feet in length. Semis are the most commonly used trailers for transporting large loads of goods. They typically have tandem axles and can haul 40 tons (total weight including the truck). They are the perfect height for most docks and warehouses.


Flatbed trailers are as small as 24 feet and as large as 53 feet long. Their widths are usually 96 inches (8 feet) or 102 inches (8.5 feet) wide. A flatbed is perfect for large loads which can’t fit into standard semi-trailers. You can haul oversized loads with flat beds, but some need special permits.

Side Kits

A side kit allows your flatbed to haul all kinds of loads. It’s easier to secure loads in Texas when your heavy duty truck has a trailer with sides.


If you sometimes haul large loads (without sides) but need sides for some loads, a Conestoga trailer is a good choice. Their sides are retractable to serve both purposes.

Step Trailers

Sometimes called drop trailers, these units let you haul taller than normal loads. For example, the trailer is the standard height at the hitch, and the rest of the bed is lower. To haul extra tall loads, you may need a double drop trailer which is below the standard height at both the rear axles and hitch.

Having the right heavy duty truck is the first step toward finding the right trailer. Your truck dealer in Texas offers both new and used trucks for your business.


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